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Immersive Technologies

The term ‘Immersive Technology’ indicates usage of emulated virtual world in place of real. Usage of Immersive Technology in training for Defence and Aerospace is the need of the hour. That is because, the defence equipment like weapon launching platforms (Military Aircraft, War ship or a Battle tank) is very costly to be made available to each trainee at all the times. Therefore training him in an emulated environment that depicts real world using immersive technology is today’s requirement.

Immersive Technology includes the following technologies:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Hologram projection

AviaTraining is of the view that Immersive Technology is ideally suitable to train technicians for maintenance activities for costly defence and aerospace equipment. Strict quality and certification requirement of the sector has increased the cost of training to almost an unaffordable level and is the root cause of large man-hours for which technicians are not able to carry out maintenance activities independently.

Usage of immersive technology based training aids ensures that the technician is trained in virtual world that emulates real world and therefore better prepared to undertake maintenance activities in the field.


Simulation technology is use for years in aviation industry. Full motion aircraft simulator is used extensively in civil as well as military aviation for the training of pilots. However, this technology now could also be used for other activities like maintenance.
Simulation could also be considered as a subset of immersive technology since simulator does emulates real time operation of equipment where trainee gets the feel of real world while training. However because of its relevance, usage and importance AviaTraining mentions Simulation Technology separate. Simulators are mainly of two types: Full Motion Simulator and Simulator without/ part motion. Simulator without motion is comparatively cheap and therefore is an ideal technology for training maintenance technicians.

E – Learning

E – Learning is a learning methodology that uses electronics media. In a general term, it is also known popularly as CBT (Computer Based Training). Traditionally, E – Learning methodology is used to provide learning opportunity outside the four walls of class rooms.

Generally speaking, E – Learning is a higher level of CBT that is very interactive and provides two way communications. It makes learning a fun by usage of animation, 2D/ 3D modeling and other techniques. E learning also provides better learning opportunity since each trainee can go through the said course at his own speed. It allows the trainee to go through the material many times ensuring proper understanding f the subject. At each section allows self assessment thus ensuring increased understanding of the subject and thus higher confidence in the trainee. Therefore, it prepares the trainee better for undertaking practical sessions.

AviaTraining Solutions Pvt Ltd develops customized E – Learning package for specific needs of the clients. The package is fully customizable with different level of interactivity that ensures higher efficiency and affectivity of learning. It can be delivered across all varieties of platforms like Android, windows, IOs and is compatible with HTML5, ePub and other mobile formats. The courseware would be fully compatible with international standards like SCROM, TinCan etc as per the choice of the client.