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Learning Management System and Data Analysis

Effective Learning Management System is a desirable tool for any organisation to identify training needs for individual and optimizing his training. Proper use of the system by effective data analysis could improve knowledge base and skill set among all persons of the organisation. AviaTraining could develop customized system and assist the organisation in maximizing training efforts at optimal cost.

Supply of Trained Manpower to Support Training Needs

AviaTraining provides adequate training for operation of the supplied solution/ system. However, we are also open to provide trained manpower to operate and maintain the system. This will surely enhance availability of systems for training.

Training Solution Consultancy

AviaTraining undertakes consultancy assignments to guide and advise Defence and Civil organisation for their training needs. The advice mainly is aimed to enhance training set up with technology based training solutions making training more effective and efficient at optimum cost.

Development and Operation of Editing Platform

Defence and Aerospace sector is a very dynamic sector where constant improvement of systems and up-gradation is carried out routinely. This makes it necessary to edit and alter training aids to train the technicians and personals as per the modified procedures and also on upgraded equipment with new set of instructions.
To edit and alter the training solution provided to the client, AviaTraining creates ‘Editing Platform’. Based on the complexity of the required alteration, rights are provided and shared with the users.

Development of Technology Based Training Solution

Core competency of AviaTraining with our Technology partner(s) include domain expertise of very high order and capabilities to develop technology based training solutions and customizing the same to meet specific needs of client, keeping in mind the culture of organisation.

The technology selection for each activity planned is the key to effective and efficient training with cost optimization. Use of animation, 2D and 3D modeling with high fidelity creates virtual environment depicting nearly real life situation. The solutions also include capabilities of simulating faults in the system and emergencies to train the technicians for real life situation. This capability of training provides enhanced knowledge, skill and ability to handle emergency conditions with confidence. AviaTraining is confident that such training will provide better maintenance and flight safety, higher operational preparedness and battle readiness thus improving operational efficiency of the